Saturday, September 8, 2007


Carl Hiaasen

Roy is new to Florida but the local middle school bully has already started to torment him. On the bus, the resident bully is mashing Roy's face against the window when he sees a boy running shoeless down the street. Curious, Roy eventually tracks the shoeless kid down. His name is Mullet Fingers and he an ax to grind with an upcoming pancake house. They're planning to build the restaurant on land inhabited by endangered owls. With the help of Mullet Finger's stepsister, the trio moves to thwart the national pancake company's plan.
I'm a Hiaasen fan. I've been enjoying his dark humor for years. When I saw that he had written a book for young adults, I was intrigued. I was curious to see if his wit would translate into youth literature without losing its bite. I was pleasantly surprised. The story line was fun. The characters were amusing. I had a great time reading this book. Hiaasen's humor was present and intact. "Hoot" received the Newbury Honor. If you'de like to ckeck out his novels for adults go to