Friday, August 24, 2007

The Big Box

By Toni Morrison with Slade Morrison
Illustrated By Giselle Potter

The Big Box is the story three children, Patty, Mickey and Liza Sue, who are energetic and imaginative. Their parents, teachers and neighbors think they’re too energetic and imaginative and can’t handle their freedom. So, they put them in a big box that has a door with three big locks. Their parent visit once a week and drop off all sorts of candy and toys. But none of the materialistic things makes the kids happy. They need their freedom to be happy.
This is a delightful book for adults but I’m not sure how well kids would like it. The locking up kids just for being kids might be a little worrying. Some of the concepts are little cerebral. I found the childlike illustration charming, but I’m not sure what I would have made of them as a kid. I do think it would make a lovely gift to any young adult or adult.